COPP Training

Southeast District State Convention – Christian Leadership School

Certificate of Progress Program (COPP) Classes May 12, 13, 2014

In conjunction with the 101st Annual Session, May 12 – 15, 2014

Greater Peace Baptist Church, 650 Jeter Avenue, Opelika, AL


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List of Certified Classes Offered:                                                                         Fee:  $15.00 per class


1007 Introduction to the Old Testament

This course will survey the Old Testament people with emphasis on the nation of Israel.  Attention will be given to religious, social, and domestic customs of the time.


1072    Introduction to the New Testament

This course will survey the New Testament.  Included in this survey will be a general overview of the divisions, time periods, places, events, people, and archaeology of the New Testament sections of the Bible.


2023 Creative Ways of Teaching

This course is designed to instruct in the methods of teaching in the local church setting.  It is designed to assist teachers in discovering new ways of teaching, such as learning behaviors, and strategies of student learning and behavior.


9004 & 9005  Writing Techniques I & II

These courses will focus on the Certificate of Progress Program writing requirements for Phases II & III.  Emphasis will be placed on development of skills necessary to complete the writing assignments, and on documenting research.  Skills that will be mastered range from the development of paragraphstopic sentences to thesis driven essays.  Students will also be introduced to the digital library, and use of reference materials.


9024 The Computer in the Life of the Church

This course is designed for pastors, office workers, Christian educators, and others who want to utilize computer technology in the church.  Issues in administration, setting up computer labs, tutorials on Bible study, as well as membership record keeping and nurture will be covered in this course.



Christian Education


Christian Leadership School

February 18, 2017


To be held at:

Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

1436 E. Washington Street

Montgomery, AL 36107


Advance Registration fee on or before February 4, 2017: $20.00


Registration after February 4, 2017: $25.00


Courses offered:

7024 – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Truenetta Meadows, Instructor

2007 – Christian Stewardship

Rev. Johnny Hollis, Jr., Instructor

7010 – Introduction to Discipleship

Rev. Anthony Shealey, Instructor

8035 – The African-American Church and Social Justice

Dr. Richard Davis, Instructor

8066 – Christianity and Contemporary Issues

Rev. E. Baxter Morris, Instructor


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Rev. Dr. Clifford Jones, President, SEDSC

Rev. Dr. George C. McCulloh, Director of Christian Education, SEDSC

Rev. Dr. Stephen Hudson, Dean, SEDSC

Ms. Sylvia A Long, Dean of Records, SEDSC







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